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Club Officers & Committee Chairs

Executive Committee, 2023-24

Blue Magruder, President

Maria Shepherd, 1st Vice President

JoAnn Pierson, 2nd Vice President

Marilyn Brandt, Treasurer

Francie Caudill, Lynne Smith, and 

   Maura Stumpf, Recording Secretaries

Polly Cronin, Archivist

Moira Yip, Member-at-Large

Francie Caudill, Past President

Committee Chairs, 2023-24

Nancy Kelly, Communications

Maria Shepherd, Hospitality and Programs

Gaby Whitehouse, Hospitality and Programs

Agnes Wiggin, Membership

Gaby Whitehouse, Nominating

Denise Bienfang, Scholarship

Gillian Kellogg, Travel



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