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New Members



Knights Templar Town, Tomar, Portugal

The Women’s Travel Club welcomes new members who enjoy traveling, sharing their experiences with other women, and presenting descriptions of their adventures.  Unusual travel experiences are of special interest. We encourage our membership to recruit new members with particular interests or reasons for travel. New takes on familiar places are also welcome.
Current members propose new ones by means of a letter of recommendation, completion of a Nomination Form and seconding letters from two other members.  We ask the prospective member to compose a travel record, which becomes part of our archive and is distributed to the current membership.  This way, we can all learn about new members’ travel experience.
Once the paperwork on a prospective member is completed, we ask the proposing member to hold a small gathering of current Board members to meet the candidate.  In the past few years, the Membership Committee has sponsored gatherings of candidates, so that this requirement is easy to meet.
We expect that all members will be willing to participate fully in the Club’s activities by helping to host meetings, serve on a committee, and present programs from time to time. In the recent past, the Women’s Travel Club has welcomed six new members each year; the Membership Committee is eager to continue at this rate and is available to help with applications.
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